Tray Packer (Nights)

Job Title

NR Tray Packer

Job Description

Responsible for efficient operation of designated machines (overwrapper, UPC coder, and marsh printer) as outlined in SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures). Responsible for performing quality checks (UPC code applied properly, marsh printer is set properly, etc.) and make minor adjustments to the machines if necessary. Responsible for proper flow of bottles from the inspector to the top of incline conveyer. Responsible for removing bottle(s) when label is applied incorrectly, missing cap, low fill, or no video code is detected Responsible for inspecting correct number of bottles packed in each tray. Responsible for changing trays according to production run. Responsible for loading and unloading proper size film for overwrapper machine. Responsible for all changeovers efficiently. Responsible for troubleshooting and resolving issues on all machines while maintaining line efficiency. Responsible for routine PM's (Preventative Maintenance). Must be knowledgeable of statistical process control requirements with computer skills to input data. Must be able to comprehend and have in-depth knowledge of policies related to safety, GMP's and all applicable manufacturing guidelines. Must communicate with shift leadman through verbal conversations, reports and meetings. Responsible for a clean, organized, and safe work area at all times.

Basic Qualifications

3 - 5 years of experience with general computer operated machines.
Must be able to perform multi-task operations while maintaining exceptional performance.
Excellent oral, written, organizational, and communication skills along with mechanical aptitude.
Ability to lift up to 60 pounds minimum.
Copious standing, walking, climbing, stooping, bending, reaching, twisting and lifting while carrying heavy objects. Must be detailed oriented and energetic. Must be a self-starter with ability to work with minimal supervision.
Must be available to work flexible hours including overtime and weekends.