Sanitation Technician

Job Title

Sanitation Technician

Job Description

Responsible for formulating detergents, cleaners and sanitizers as necessary for the cleaning of floors, dock area, filler rooms and equipment as required. Responsible for overall cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection of all areas of the plant operational area and equipment. Responsible for testing of all formulated products to ensure adequate concentrations are maintained throughout any assigned cleaning and sanitizing procedures and activities. Responsible for deep cleaning, disinfection and sanitization of all filler rooms and flavored water batching area. Responsible for assisting in environmental sampling activities to verify overall hygienic conditions of the plant operational areas. Responsible for supporting staff during Clean in Place (CIP) procedures for production line areas and equipment. Responsible for cleaning and sanitizing of horizontal surfaces throughout the plant operational area to include railing, tops of equipment, storage tanks, piping and other areas as assigned. Responsible for the maintenance, cleaning and upkeep of the plant chemical storage cage. Responsible for keeping the production lines, filler rooms and warehouse area clean and all debris, bottles, shrink wrap, etc., picked up. Responsible for ensuring all chemical agents used are properly stored following cleaning and sanitizing activities. Responsible for completing all designated paperwork. Responsible for following ALL safety regulations/requirements as outlined in the GMP's including proper personal protective equipment while working in designated areas. Responsible for other duties assigned by the Quality Control Manager and/or Quality Control Technical Director.

Basic Qualifications

Must have excellent oral, written, organizational, and communication skills.
Must be detailed oriented and energetic.
Must be a self-starter with ability to produce high quality of cleanliness with minimal supervision. Ability to lift up to 60 pounds minimum.
Copious walking, climbing and standing required.
Ability to operate cleaning equipment (floor scrubber, high pressure washer etc.).
Must be available to work flexible hours including overtime and weekends.
Mechanical awareness a plus.