Quality Control Lab Technician (Nights)

Job Title

Quality Control Lab Technician

Job Description

Responsible for maintaining efficient operation of designated areas (blending and lab) as outlined in SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures). Responsible for calibrating all lab and test equipment. Responsible for verifying temperature on incubators and refrigerators. Responsible for monitoring parameters on all bottle line washers. Responsible for maintaining controls on ozone, conductivity, TDS, PH, and taste test on all products. Responsible for verifying video jet codes and label registration on all bottling lines. Responsible for recording tank volumes, collecting storage tank samples. Responsible for collecting and running torques every two hours on the NR lines. Responsible for monitoring and documenting line lube in use. Responsible for collecting finished product samples on each line for bacti/tasting. Responsible for collecting and documenting samples (iron, discharge, phosphate, AHD, NTL etc.). Responsible for verifying contact tanks, UV light intensity, water chemistry, customer returns, and ROS maintenance. Responsible for independently performing CIP (clean in place) processes when producing flavored water. Responsible for performing correct mathematic calculations and following detailed quality parameters while mixing ingredients for a batch of flavored water. Responsible for effective communication with production personnel while producing flavored water. Responsible for monitoring and adjusting carbonation, juice mix, calibrating, set-up, and read TA meter while conducting hourly checks on flavored water. Responsible for back-up as needed to sanitation, tank room and production.

Basic Qualifications

Must be able to read various measuring instruments (ounces, grams, PH meters, conductivity meters, etc.).
Must be able to maintain laboratory pumps and instruments i.e. calibrate, verify and service.
Knowledge of basic water chemistry a plus.
Ability to lift up to 60 pounds minimum.
Copious walking and standing required.
Must have excellent oral, written, organizational, and communication skills.
Must be detailed oriented and energetic.
Must be a self-starter with ability to work with minimal supervision.
Must be available to work flexible hours including overtime and weekends.
Must be forklift certified.